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UKTOPESSAYS.COM is not good!

Feb 3, 2012 | #1
I used UK top essays to write a masters capstone. I provided them with two previous attempts and clear direction on how to write the paper. I requested they use the cited data in the new paper and to focus on structure which is where i failed (I can't stay focused long enough, apparently). They were very nice and reassuring but in the end the product was well below what even I had done. In fact, they made it much worse because they did not carry the citations over correctly and so the product they gave me had zero correct citations. They made rookie mistakes (tactics, spelled tack-ticks) and it's clear that a) they were probably not native english speakers and b) they were using a computer revision program. they basically copy/pasted one of the two papers I had given them while keeping the overall structure. Suffice to say, I'm still looking for someone to simply clean up what my ADHD mind will not. I would not recommend this company to anybody. EVER.

I took the 2nd draft of the paper that they wrote and marked every error in red pen and sent it back requesting a full refund. Their response was that the essay I sent back, and not the most current version (version 3) and that if I tried to use the paper they would set their legal department on me. They offered me a 20% discount on my next paper, but since they cannot get the first one right, I'm absolutely not going to use them again.
really all I needed was formatting/editing and they couldn't do that right.

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