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Dec 14, 2010, 04:03PM | #

thought I would share my experiences with this company that is a part of all answers, and wondering what experiences anyone else has had...

I ordered 2 essays form them, and had problems with BOTH of them.

The first one. they delivered on time, but it was completly the wrong essay!...i soent 650 on that and the administrative staff or their so called "qualifies writers" weren't able to even read the question!..anyway as this essay had no relevance to me, I sought to rely on their so called money back guarantees as my essay that I had ordered was not deliverd within the 5 day period, however, they wouldn't acceot their mistake, stating that an essay was delivered to me on time, it just wasn't the right one!!...i mean how would a wrong essay, which has no relvance to my question,delivered on time be of any use to me??...the essay I had therefore asked for was NOT delivered on time!...when it finally did arrive it was of such poor quality!!...i fought tooth and nail with them only for them to insult me!..

the second essay (order places at the same time as the above), this was returned on time, but was of such poor quality, i was shocked, as I paid to have an upper first class essay, which I wouldn't even pass of as a GCSE essay!..i specifically stated that wide research would need to be conducted, only to find that the writer did no research whatsoever, and referred to the course ithin the question only!!...i was so disappointed with the service. will never be using them again!!...

anyone had any experiences with them??....

Dec 18, 2010, 03:18PM | #
Wanderlust - I must confess my surprise and (forgive me), skepticism. AA is not known for substandard work and when they do make a mistake, refund their customers.

Communicate directly with them. That's the best approach.

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