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WritersBeware   Oct 23, 07, 02:50PM | #1
LOL, good for this teacher! I don't know much about these social bookmarking sites, but it seems that,, and other fraudulent sites are SPAMming thousands of their links to social bookmark sites like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, etc. I can't help but notice that all (except one) of the SPAMming sites are based in Ukraine.

I hope she and other teaches tear down all of the SPAMming crooks! LMAO, who's with her?

"Hello everyone,

I am a high school teacher from Minnesota. Every day for the last year I've dealt with the problem of selling term paper ads on legitimate educational sites that my students use. I am happy to announce that after contacting, the owner, Patrick Gavin, has promised to ban all future link purchases by term paper mills! I applaud his courageous decision to support academic integrity. I am certain that he is the first of many owners of social linking sites who will make the same decision. In fact, I am also happy to announce that,,, and have also decided to ban term paper and essay mills after receiving my concerned email.

Despite the great news about,,,, and, there is still much work to be done in stopping these SPAMMERS. I've compiled a list of term paper sites that are now SPAMMING all of the social bookmark sites. These are the term paper SPAM sites that you can help me to get banned:

Please help me to ban the above term paper SPAM sites by joining me in complaining to the remaining social bookmarking sites. I've put the more popular bookmarking sites in bold:

Thank you very much for your support!" es-t587.html&pid=1390

LaviniaThreads: 4
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Joined: Aug 7, 2007
Oct 23, 07, 06:06PM | #2
i'm sorry but i don't agree with this. well, to be more accurate, i guess i have mixed feelings about this. i can see the value of stopping the fraudulent sites from advertising, but not at the expense of the entire industry. this protestor doesn't mind proactive or cheaptickets or hp or monster or airtran or any of the other companies spamming ads that i just saw on facebook. this protestor doesn't differentiate between the different companies. this person just wants to get rid of all term paper providers - legit or illegit.

"ban the industry" is a stupid move. it just feeds the clear misperception that this industry only supports cheaters, which it doesn't and which no evidence supports. and it makes misinformed educators feel like they are accomplishing significant progress in stopping student cheating, when they are not.

the impact of this action will probably be minimal except that it will cost the sites advertising dollars. if i owned any of them, i'd politely deny the request.

WritersBeware   Oct 23, 07, 10:10PM | #3
None of the legitimate sites engage in SPAMming. No legitimate sites are in her list because she didn't find them SPAMming the social bookmarking sites. Legit sites just aren't there. I searched myself. All of the sites in the list are owned by only 4 different companies from Ukraine. The fact that all of the sites involved are Ukrainian speaks volumers about where those fraudulent sites that do not abide by American law are taking the reputation of the legitimate sites of the industry--DOWN, DOWN, DOWN. The less SPAMming they are able to conduct, the less instances of ripping people off will take place. Therefore, legitimate companies will not suffer as much from misdirected blame because of "term paper mill SPAM" and fraudulent transactions.

The impact will not be minimal. It will be quite substantial. The fraudulent sites use fabricated articles on hundreds of random topics and social bookmarking for what I would guess is about 75% of their advertising and link-building.

MajorThreads: 32
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Oct 23, 07, 10:21PM | #4
I can only see one problem here - what if someone spams as someone else (ie. acts like a representative of a company without their authorization to harm that company)?
I have been a: "Student", "Writer," and "Essay Company Rep." I'm posting here to promote reason, seek the truth, and do research.

WritersBeware   Oct 23, 07, 10:48PM | #6
By SPAMming, I mean up to HUNDREDS of links per social bookmark site. I haven't seen any legit sites SPAMming. Would the scumbag owners of the fraudulent sites spend money and weeks of tiresome effort building up that many links to a competitor just for the sake of sabotage? I doubt it. Even if they did--so what? I'm not worried about any legit sites getting punished by the social bookmarking sites because the legit sites don't have links there, anyway.

WritersBeware   Oct 23, 07, 11:01PM | #7
Search in Google to see the sheer bulk of SPAM links submitted by the usernames listed below. For example, "stevehomewood" is the bogus username for an rep who submits SPAM links mostly for All of the other usernames below engage in similar SPAM practices for the same group of Ukrainian term paper mills listed in Post #1.

(For the more generic usernames, like "dissertation," you will need to do a Google search for "dissertation social bookmark," or similar.)


LaviniaThreads: 4
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Joined: Aug 7, 2007
Oct 24, 07, 12:29AM | #8
Quoting: WritersBeware
The fact that all of the sites involved are Ukrainian speaks volumers about where those fraudulent sites that do not abide by American law are taking the reputation of the legitimate sites of the industry--DOWN, DOWN, DOWN.

that is an interesting point and i hope that you are correct.

onedrflPosts: 70
Joined: Dec 24, 2006
Oct 24, 07, 07:37AM | #9
I'm doing all I can to get them off Gather but they keep showing up like cockroaches.

essayerPosts: 127
Joined: Dec 28, 2006
Oct 24, 07, 04:10PM | #10
hi onedrfl. nice to see you back:) the "cockroaches" in gather made you seek a different air here?

WritersBeware   Oct 24, 07, 05:16PM | #11
onedrfl, I've done a little research for you. From's "Terms of Use" (

"c. Reporting Objectionable Behavior. If you encounter behavior that you think violates the TOS or Guidelines, you can report the incident [by sending] us a message at Please state the reasons for your concern and provide a link to the behavior in question. If the behavior is determined to be inappropriate, then its associated Content is removed from the Service and the author is notified."

Following are the account pages of the SPAMMING cockroaches from,, etc.

To easily get the crooked cheaters banned and all of their links removed, simply report them to the following email addresses:

support AT
advertising AT
pr AT
info AT

The email addresses are also available of's "Contact Us" page:

I urge everyone to take action.

Fae77Threads: 1
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Oct 25, 07, 01:00PM | #12
Any company that has to spam to get customers is not a legit company.

Secondly, why would anyone waste their time spamming sites in the name of such company as a conspiracy? Please.

WritersBeware   Oct 25, 07, 08:00PM | #13
Quoting: Fae77
Any company that has to spam to get customers is not a legit company.

I couldn't agree more, but it's right in line with all of their other, shady business practices.

complexityPosts: 1
Joined: Oct 27, 2007
Oct 27, 07, 05:30AM | #14
Yes. I have banned them and will continue to do so. Although I am not sure if any of them sites specifically were posted, I will update this thread, if anyone new ones show up. []

Have a great day.

WritersBeware   Oct 30, 07, 09:16PM | #15
It looks like this teacher is getting some good results in her fight against fraudulent term paper sites. Anyone who's ever been ripped off in any way by a fraudulent term paper site should help this teacher get the crooks banned. Find out how to help her by l - clicking here! It won't take much of your time at all. You can get some revenge, while simultaneously helping to protect future customers and writers from scams.

WritersBeware   Nov 12, 07, 09:35PM | #16
This is hilarious! - Check out the progress.

I bet the crooks aren't very happy right now.

navdillonPosts: 2
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May 17, 10, 11:25PM | #17 are a bunch of bloody fraudsters
they will rip you off and take ur money and give you a piece of **** essay
don't fall prey to them

Writers_blockThreads: 2
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Apr 21, 11, 04:41AM | #18
Idk. I think these bookmarking sites cherishingly gathered into one list is kinda pointer for new fraudulent essay services. Like 'spots for spamming!'.

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