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Dec 14, 2009 | #1

Best Essays Spam

I've started to note a particularly nasty kind of spam for the Best Essays website. They don't only add links to the wiki pages. At first they posted entire new pages that are on the topic of writing essays to CommunityWiki. But lately they've been using my username (!) to make edits. I assume they're trying to sidestep peer review. I've just silently rolled back any changes they made, but today I saw another edit using my username, and when I investigated I found how they had experimented with the rollback function themselves and linked to an old revision containing a spam link to Best Term Papers. There must be real humans at work.

The evidence continues to build . . . .

Feb 16, 2014 | #2
But lately they've been using my username (!) to make edits.

I'm sorry for students who freely give out their personal and financial information to Europe-based websites not actually located in the European Union zone. Ukraine is the Nigeria of Europe as far as illegal activities are concerned.

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