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Dec 22, 2010, 12:15PM | #41

Dec 22, 2010, 02:09PM | #42
I concur WITH Essaypro. WRT -I expect to be taken seriously BECAUSE in NIGERIA it is real!!!! What we need is change as we usher in THE NEW YEAR. Am more than ready to withdraw all the cases that I have filed if they promise they will be paying us in a timely fashion. All we need is respect from them. We anticipate a new beginning. But WRT don't get worried, I have changed my mind. I will not use the services of witchdoctors. I am convinced that you will start to realize the importance of your writers and treat them well. Pay them at the right time!!!!! This is the only remed.

Dec 22, 2010, 02:14PM | #43
I concur WITH Essaypro. WRT -I expect to be taken seriously BECAUSE in NIGERIA it is real!!!! What we need is change as we usher in THE NEW YEAR. Am more than ready to withdraw all the cases that I have filed if they promise they will be paying us in a timely fashion. All we need is respect from them. We anticipate a new beginning. But WRT don't get worried, I have changed my mind. I will not use the services of witchdoctors. I am convinced that you will start to realize the importance of your writers and treat them well. Pay them at the right time!!!!! This is the only remed.


WRT has no problem paying writers in a timely fashion.

Dec 22, 2010, 02:25PM | #45
Shut up once more!!!! HE is of age. LET him speak for himself. He has a problem of not paying us at the right time.

1. WRT is a "she," not a "he."

2. WRT has nothing to do with from Ukraine, you ignorant worm.

3. You are not qualified to write, professionally, in the English language. YOU are the problem with the industry.

Dec 22, 2010, 02:30PM | #46
Not only do I pay my writers but I pay them top dollar, in addition to bonuses. You, wolfpro, would never ever make it through our (virtual) front door :)

As I am not affiliated with the company in question and have no writers from Nigeria, you just made a fool of yourself :)

I agree, however, that 4writers really does not give a flying fig about it's customers - they hired you, after all.

Writers - if your English is not above that of the average native speaker and if you are not thoroughly vetted prior to being hired (submit proof of degrees earned, etc.), know that you are being hired by scammers ... you deserve what you get.

Dec 22, 2010, 02:30PM | #47
Shut your mouth or I will shut it!!! She is an employee of 4writers. You should be arbitrating instead of siding with her. We need solutions not your stupid insults.

Dec 22, 2010, 02:32PM | #48
Shut your mouth or I will shut it!

Am I supposed to be scared of you just because you're a Ugandan headhunter?

Dec 22, 2010, 02:43PM | #49
WRT- I haven't made a fool of myself for your information. I have told you I will not make use of witchdoctors. So calm down!!!1 Just admit you are an employee since you have admitted you pay bonusses. And pay us on 1st Tuesday after 18. This is what we want to hear. I hail from Nigeria but reside elsewhere. Forum regulator stop behaving like a kid. Behave yourself man/woman. Come up with ideas that will assist us.

Dec 22, 2010, 02:48PM | #50
Your stupidity is mind boggling :)

If you knew anything about ANYTHING, you would never have associated me with 4writers :)

You are such a moron.

I know that your tribal mentality would find this difficult to understand - the law, not witchdoctors, is the solution :)

Dec 22, 2010, 02:54PM | #51
You have made a fool of yourself, multiple times.

No, I don't pay writers the first Tuesday after the 18th; have no African writers on our books except two wonderfully educated, much in demand, Kenyan writers.

The bonuses I am referring to far exceed your wildest imaginations :)

Everybody here knows which group of sites I am the majority owner of - none of our writers have complained about non-payment or fines (we don't have a fine policy in place).

Our writers are paid more per page than you are for 10 pages :)

And, no, you don't stand a chance of ever ever working with us ...

Dec 22, 2010, 02:55PM | #52
YOU SHOULD NOT BE CALLING ME A MORON SIMPLY BECAUSE TONNY CALLED YOU SO. Call Tonny Moron not me. If you are not an employ well and good. I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THAT. Writers be beware- Never call me a Ugandan headhunter. I warn you!!!!

Dec 22, 2010, 03:10PM | #56
WRT-LET US FORGIVE ONE ANOTHER. We are not morons. WE ARE FRINEDS FINALLY. The bible says "s/he who hates is bother is a murderer." I don't want to be a murderer.

Dec 23, 2010, 02:52AM | #60
how do you work for six months without pay? I think these are real smooth talkers and however bad I sound, I think they are smarter than the average writers in the market. This thread has been around for a while and the company is still around. I am sure it recruited more writers in the last few days.
I am sorry for the scammed writers but don't give up-there are many companies ready to pay for quality work. Keep looking around.

Dec 30, 2010, 03:22AM | #61
I have filed a complaint with IC3 against both and Best Writing Service for refusing to pay me. Pavel is in deed a pain not only in the ass but also in the dick.

Jun 19, 2011, 03:18PM | #63
I used to work for all those fools as an admin not a writer for 70 hours a week. I am sure some of you know who I am. I had no idea they were scammers. They have around 30 websites all owned by the same person. Paul. They locked me out of the system in the middle of the night with no notice at all. They have not paid me for my last week 400.00 and now I have to move out as I have no other job or money. I have been told by Ann whom I originally thought was honest that I cannot contact him as it will get her in trouble. HA! She said he ripped her and Paul off as well. If that is the case then why would she care if I contacted him so this shows me that she is lying. Ann is in the US as am I. I know many many writers did not get paid when I was working for them but I was told it was due to non adherence of company policy. I see now that it was a lie as well!! We were always told to send those to or and apparently they would handle it but never did. I have been emailing then at the various emails that they have given but of course have had no response. here are all the emails that I have for them and have tried to use, , , , ,

As I said, no response from any of them. I have a good amount of customer records due to keeping logs constantly of my shift. Also the other admins whom I worked with are now without a job or payment. we were told they sold the company and now there are other admins on the live chat we used to work so i know this is a lie. if anyone needs any information on the scammers doing all this, please let me know. My email is and I am happy to give you any info i have as they just do not care about anyone other than themselves.

Jun 19, 2011, 03:32PM | #64
All that you said might sound convincing, but I wonder why you didn't approach job security agency in the US yet. I also wonder how they can fire you without any notice, lay off letter, or anything like that.

We already have so much information about this company loaded on this forum; however, if you have any information that can help the visitors even more, I think you should not hesitate to post it on this forum.

Jun 19, 2011, 03:33PM | #65
The reason I have not really done very much is that there isnt much I can do. I am in the US and they are in the Ukraine. I got a lawyer and he told me there is not much I can do as our laws do not apply there. They can easily do what they did to me as I was a contractor and not an employee. Besides how can they do what they have done to all the writers? easy... they are heartless scammers. They got 70 hours of work from me just to suddenly lock me out of the system in the middle of the night. Then when I email Ann about it she says that they sold the company and she is out of a job as well. (of course that is a lie I am sure) I do not care if I sound convincing or not. It is not my intention to prove anything to anyone. Besides why would i have found this group unless I was searching for 4 writers scam

Jun 19, 2011, 03:41PM | #66
Then I guess you should approach that woman with your lawyer and try to get things straight. I wonder how you could start working for them 70 hours a week without any verification and legal contract. Do you mean to say you got this job opportunity online and started working for them? It all sounds very suspicious, sorry.

Jun 19, 2011, 03:51PM | #67
digdaHello I used to work as an Admin for them. If there is anything I can do to help you as they screwed me over as well for trying to help writers get their money i am sure. I was told many times to mind my own business when i asked about payments. many posters here probably have spoken with me on the system. Is this M H N?X admin Shawn
I think it would be a good idea for you to list all websites owned by Pavel Kucheruk here so that students and writers can acclimatize to them and never order or work for these scammers. This is a big scam! I think this is the reason why they charge less to attract more clients since they know won't pay their employees after all.

Jun 19, 2011, 03:54PM | #68
i think from what I can see that most of their info is on the forum but If I get any more I will be sure to post it. Many writers here probably knew me as admin shawn. we really dont have a service that deals with international ripoffs like these scumbags. if you know of one please let me know. I tried the internet crime website but none of their choices applies to my situation. I got told by Ann today that i should just accept it and move on. Unbelievable!!!

Here are all the sites that I know of that they own.
bestwriting service
primeresumes uk

Thats all I can think of now

Jun 19, 2011, 03:54PM | #69
Yes. And you should also set up a blog on which you can post all the information and let those guys know so they learn a lesson. Don't hesitate. They've scammed you along with many writers.

Jun 19, 2011, 03:57PM | #70
I think that is a great idea thanks! I worked 70 hours a week including holidays and all. I completely ran their whole system. Now the new admins dont even know what to do. they told a writer to contact to reach me. that email has nothing to do with me. they even told that writer i was now a manager HA! a manager of what?? Unemployment??

and as for your other reply to me I know it sounds suspicious but It was all net based. i did not have a contract with them as i was in desperate need of employment so i was not asking many questions. it may have been short sighted of me but when one is living from place to place any kind of offer is taken.

Jun 19, 2011, 04:02PM | #72

Lolz. Shawn, I am sorry to say but you were a part of that scam and now you're out of the circle. But you should have thought about all this while on job and quit.

Jun 19, 2011, 04:05PM | #73
I was not part of the scam. I was completely in the dark as to all this. I was never given any information on all these issues. I only dealt with customer needs. Every time a writer asked about payment I always forwarded the info to the correct parties. it is kind of hard to be in the circle of what ever if you have no info or knowledge of their doings. I am in the US I work from my living room. They are in the Ukraine and did not give me any info other than what I needed to do my job. Thats it. I did as much as I had ability to for any writer who messaged me with issues. If you look at my other posts, I was told to mind my own business about payment info. No circle here.

Jun 19, 2011, 04:09PM | #74
I am sorry to say but your reasoning is not very convincing to me. You stated you worked as an admin. Now you're saying you forwarded the info to them. Above you have also stated that you took sides with the writers when they were not paid. The bottom line is: someone on admin job knows much more about the inside story of a company. I feel you really were aware of many things they did to the writers.

However, now that you're out of their circle, you should do some service to humanity and let the truth be told. Spread the information, data, etc. on forums, blogs, and so on.

Jun 19, 2011, 04:13PM | #75
Go on their live chats and tell their current admins what the company did to you. Go to the place where you got/heard about the job (craigslist ad? other job posting site?) and post a warning about the company. This won't fix the problem, but making it difficult for them to hire people will make some difference.

Jun 19, 2011, 04:25PM | #76
HA! Admin was just a title. I had no admin duties. I was simply a customer service agent. My duties were to message writers as to late orders and to talk to customers thats it. FYI I have been going on their live chats but since I used to run the live chat and could not help on payments for writers I know this is a waste of time. As I have stated, they really kep me in the dark as to all this. Again, I was not in the circle of those who knew of this. I ONLY handled customer needs. Thats was it and nothing more. I had no access to payments, ratings, or any other writer issues. When orders were late, I contacted writers, when revisions were needed , I contacted writers. when a customer wanted to order, I took their order. when they needed to convert a file, I converted it. I only handled customer requests and issues relating to orders. I did try to get the writers their pay by emailing Paul, Megan, and Ann many times but was told to just do my job and it was not my concern. As for quitting my job when there are so few jobs out there and I have children and bills........ Thats not very responsible. Be realistic. Would you quit your job to be unemployed and get evicted and not be able to provide for your family? It is much easier to say that then actually do it

Here is a new development since I have been tring to contact them at I just emailed them again and now their email address is coming back as bad. They must have swapped it due to my badgering them.

Jun 19, 2011, 04:35PM | #77
You're not listening. i can tell form the tone of your typing that you're still quite agitated, so take a deep breath and try to actually read what I'm typing:

Tell the people that work for the company now--the people that are doing the job you used to do, on the live chat--that you used to work for the company and that they screwed you. In other words, let them know they are working for a scam company.
Would you quit your job to be unemployed and get evicted and not be able to provide for your family? It is much easier to say that then actually do it

You can't have it both ways. Basically, you're saying "I wasn't part of the scam! They kept me in the dark! And, I had kids to feed so I was justified in keeping my scam job!"

I understand that times are tough, and that everyone needs to provide for their family. I promise you, if you spend the next three days pounding the pavement, dressed nicely and filling out applications/turning in resumes, you will find a job. It might only pay $8/hr, but it's something to help tide you over while you wait for better work, and it's honest. Stop making excuses for yourself.

Jun 20, 2011, 02:38AM | #78
And now as you're out of the job, you should NOT sit silent. Protest is your right. Go out and tell the world as much as possible. Also, let those scammers know what you're up to. This way, they will get under pressure and will think twice before they fire another employee without any reason.

You should also approach all the customers (old and present), compose a standard email, and tell them everything. My point is you should not sit silently.

Jun 20, 2011, 03:51AM | #79
Ukrainian sites are the worst in this industry. They even scam their administrators! Pavel Kucheruk is currently the most wanted man in the world. He is a master of disguise, and has a USD 5 million bounty on his head.

Jun 20, 2011, 04:09AM | #80
This is really sad to know how many people have been cheated by them. They have no values. On this forum we're trying to unmask scams to help people get away from them.

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