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Jan 15, 2012, 10:28PM | #1
Please don't order essays from I had the worst experience with them. I checked if anyone had any complains about them in this forum, and since I couldn't find much substantial info on them, I thought of trying them out. They charged me $100 for a 1500 word essay. When they returned the paper to me, I was shocked - It was a complete joke!. It contained utter nonsense. Clearly the writer did not bother reading any of my instructions; did not follow the specified referencing style; used words like "kinda" and "gonna"; and obviously the English couldn't have been worse! I asked for a revision, and that was the last I heard from them. Then I contacted them online and asked for a refund. The response I got was even more annoying. The customer service officer wrote "We did exactly the way you wanted. Therefore you won't get a refund." I called them up multiple times. Everytime I asked for a refund, they would simply hang up. After about another week, way after my deadline, they returned me a revised paper, which was a summarised version of the crappy paper they did intially. I chased them for over two weeks for a refund, but they just wouldn't agree. What can I do now? According to them, they followed my instructions and that's all they promised. The quality of work, apparently, is not something they can guarantee - according to the customer support guy!

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