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Personal Writers are better than Writing Companies to work with?

Jul 18, 2012 | #1
It is better to work with a personal writer than a writing agency. There are thousands of good writers out there but how do you find them? Ask google. Some of them will pop up.

Jul 18, 2012 | #2
Personal writers? You mean independent writers I am guessing as opposed to freelance writers.

Freelance writers and independent writers are one in the same. Independent writers just publicize their availability whereas a company will do the publicizing for the freelance writer. However, you get the same writer in each aspect. For instance, I am a freelance and independent writer. I write occasionally for a website and do my own thing. I guarantee you nearly all writers will fall into this category or write exclusively for a company as a freelancer.

Jul 19, 2012 | #9
most freelance writers in this industry are independent, to the extent that they are able to write for as many companies as they can without a conflict of interest. some still have time to find clients here, on top of everything else; I guess it's good to stay busy.

but when someone says, "I don't write for any companies," but still wants your business here on the forum, that's a signal for you to use caution. there's likely a good reason that person isn't able to get work the easy way.

Jul 19, 2012 | #10
I'm sure you're embarrassed for many sweeping generalizations. This is why you've refrained from the main topic.

Oh...of course I am embarrassed on an anonymous online forum. Join reality. If you look I said WRITERS. You are clearly no writer. Game over..try again.

Jul 22, 2012 | #11
Personal writer can by better than writing companies because they depend on word of mouth publicity and therefore are more diligent in their work. But it is a risk you have to take both for independent writer or company.

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