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What is the future of the Academic Research Industry?

Mar 26, 2012, 08:44AM | #1
I have been following all shades of discussions going on in this forum before I cautiously decided to join.
While I don't want to be drawn into the two extreme points that act as the general references of steering debates here, I have been wondering this scenario:
Supposing the essay industry grows bigger and bigger to an extent that even the leading players(companies) file for IPOs(lol!), will these companies(especially in the US and UK) become fully integrated into the world of business and have code of ethics, standard benchmarks......etc that characterize the more conventional businesses?. And what would be the implications to the educational standards?
Would I be wrong to hypothesize the development of a 'fully' grown academic research industry that rakes maybe $4b every year?
What laws govern the academic research industry in different States in the US?
I might plead ignorance but can someone tell me- who is the average essay buying customer?
a) A bright but time-constrained student?
c) A rich kid?
d) An ESL student with language difficulties?
I'd love to hear some insightful opinions

Thanks Guys.....

Mar 26, 2012, 09:05AM | #2
I'm a bright student but my foray into the industry has shown me that the quality is pretty abysmal unless yeah, you're a dummy to begin with and couldn't critique what you received anyway. I don't think the industry will be taking over but serves the education system right if it ever did. The whole system is up the put.

Mar 26, 2012, 09:07AM | #3
I don't think there is really an average customer. From my experience, A-D all exist and more, there are as many reasons as there are customers.

Mar 26, 2012, 09:11AM | #4
I didn't indicate anywhere that i sought the services of any essay writing company. And i am not a 'dummy'(to use your word). I simply wanted to know the 'big picture' purely for some research reasons. Don't you think the essay industry is ripe to warrant some serious research into its operations?

Mar 26, 2012, 09:20AM | #5
I think you took my reply all wrong. I was just letting you know of my experiences and why I dont think the industry is really good enough to be that big. I thought that was kinda what you were asking. I certainly wasn't calling YOU a dummy or insinuating you were looking to use an essay writing company.

Mar 26, 2012, 09:29AM | #6
I think you took my reply all wrong. I was just letting you know of my experiences and why I dont think the industry is really good enough to be that big. I thought that was kinda what you were asking. I certainly wasn't calling YOU a dummy or insinuating you were looking to use an essay writing company.

Sorry for that misunderstanding. It is only that I suspect the industry could be enormous- only that it is extremely hard-almost impossible- to actually know and quantify what happens behind the scenes(customers orders, financial transactions and so on) and thus quantify its size. In fact the few newspaper articles I have come across can only at the very best estimate the industry's size. For example, yesterday I saw an article in The Telegraph estimating the essay industry in the UK to be worth 200 million(2010).
Perhaps out of naivety, I was assuming that one day, the industry will come above board and act like any other industry.

Mar 26, 2012, 11:25AM | #7
Or perhaps the whole industry might come to a one, big stop. I have heard university administrators opine that universities might be forced to eventually do away with home work/essays/ dissertations and use classroom based tests as their appraisal methods. However, this approach is fraught with difficulties as dissertations/thesis play a critical role in assessing a student's competency in his/her field(for students who write their own dissertations, anyway).

Mar 26, 2012, 11:28AM | #8
Phd - How do you define "above board?" If you mean by this a time when there will be no scams and all customers will be happy with the product they receive then the answer is never since there are scams and poor products in every industry. Otherwise there are already registered companies and tax paying writers that do operate in a legitimate fashion like in any other industry. Just because some people frown upon an industry be it essays, tobacco or anything else dose not mean an industry is not "above board."

Jun 24, 2012, 02:10AM | #9
Academic research is considered to be on the most difficult tasks that a college student must tackle they are required to write an essay or college paper. There is a lot of work that goes into the production of a good essay and grants them the high grades that they seek. However, in order to for the college student to get that A or B letter grade, there is much research and time that needs to be devoted to write that desired paper.

When embarking of writing and crafting a wonderfully written paper, there are different routes that a student can embark on in order to successfully write a paper. A college student has several different tools at their disposal in order to conduct the research needed to write an excellent academic research paper. The first primary to goal is to know and understand your research topic. There is the primary research method of using the Internet in order to write the academic research paper. The other method is using books and scholarly journals from the library. This method is considered to be time consuming and may conflict with the student's schedule; so therefore the majority of students use the Internet when writing their research paper. The use of the Internet is the more preferred use of college students when they are writing research paper because the library method can often be lengthy. The college student may not be able to locate hard to find research articles that would be available in archives on the internet versus in the library. However the college student must understand that this information needs to be added correctly to their research paper in order to avoid the issue of plagiarism.

There are plenty of reserves that are available to the college student's when the research is conducted at the library of the college that they are attending. The internet of course is also considered to be available for the college student; however the internet has a huge advantage of the use of the library for conducting academic research. First of the all, the library has set hours of when people are allowed to come there and they are closed sometimes in the evening after eight or nine p.m. There are some libraries that are closed on weekends. This is a huge disadvantage for the college student because what if the student needed to work on a paper at ten o'clock at night. Some college students work and may get off late at night or in the evenings; so they are up late writing papers and studying. Therefore, the library would not be a good idea for that because the library closes at a set time. On the other hand the internet is available twenty-four seven and three hundred and sixty five days a year; the college student is able to write the paper whenever they need it. The college student is not confined to a time constraint like the library.

The library is good for researching information for an event that occurred in history, and then the library is considered to be a wonderful place for that. The library would most likely contain a book that offers the information that is needed in order for the college student to conduct their research. However, the Internet has more options for articles that easier to find than the library has. In conclusion, the most important aspect is that the student is able to write their research paper using two different methods for research and that is considered important when they are in college.

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