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EssayScam is an educational arm of a commercial essay writing and research service. EssayScam exists to help students, other essay-writing companies, and academic freelance writers by discussing their experiences with writing sites, freelance writers, and students (their clients) to improve their services. Contrary to what some people may think, we are not a 'watchdog' of the academic research industry.

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How do I know the people who post on the forum are real?

The only information we have about the people who post here are their email and IP addresses. Since both email and IP addresses can be anonymized, however, it is not possible for us to determine with absolute certainty the identity of any given poster. Besides, we aren't really interested in prying into the lives of our forum participants; as long as they follow the rules and are fully aware of our disclaimers, that is all that matters.

Have you created this website to discredit your competitors?

Absolutely not! There is no 'hidden agenda' to promote or discredit any particular business, person, or organization. We welcome all essay writing businesses, freelance writers, and students to participate in the forum and share their points of view. We do not discriminate against any company, person, or institution, and we welcome their feedback. Furthermore, we understand that not all companies may have enough time or resources to be a part of the discussions here; that's why we created the "Do Not Discuss" list feature which may stop some members from discussing your business.

Are commercial websites you operate on the "Do Not Discuss" list?

No, they are not. We believe that there's no better way to improve our services than by listening to the feedback of our current or prospective customers. We welcome both positive and negative comments because that makes sense. We realize it would take a lot of resources to run an accurate and professional feedback system. However, thanks to the forum, we have it all for free! (So, by the way, do our competitors; they too can learn from the comments posted here.)

Is providing positive feedback allowed?

Writing Quality

While advertising or promoting any particular service or professional writer is not allowed, providing genuine positive feedback is always welcome, so long as it is not the only goal of the poster and is not an "advertisement in disguise." Because it can be tricky at times to determine if any given message is an advertisement or not, the final decision belongs to moderators.

Why is there so much negativity, attacking, and all-around bad attitude from some of the forum members? Are you connected with them?

We are not connected in any way, shape, or form with the top-volume posters. Since each person who posts is the sole owner of his or her own post, what they publish is their full responsibility. While, when alerted, we try to filter messages that don't follow the rules, it is not possible to change the way of thinking or attitudes of some posters; nor is it our business to do so. Therefore, it is crucial not to take any allegations at face value, but rather treat all published information as 'alleged fact' only.